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An intricate process, made beautifully simple.




The first piece of the puzzle for any good video. Don't know exactly how to put your idea on paper? Don't worry.


We have a creative task-force who will work with you to get things rolling. If you already know exactly what you want, we're here to make it happen. We offer services in virtually all aspects of pre-production, including but not limited to, script-writing, scouting, and storyboarding.

The most exciting part of the whole project! Now we get to go out there and start making the vision actually happen!


Our professional team and production equipment are ready to take on anything the job demands. We do commercials, promotional videos, web videos, short films, documentaries, weddings, live events, corporate events and much more.

The last piece of the puzzle. The most important part, some would argue. Putting the final touches on a project is like putting icing on a cake.


We have an arsenal of computer power and editing software at our studio ready for whatever gets thrown our way. We're trained in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and more, giving us the ability to elegantly and thoughtfully tell your story.

Recent Projects

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Hot Seats

The Dance Effect Promo

"Finally a safe and convenient place to rest your hot hair appliance! It's a Hot Seat. Solid ceramic for durability and heat proof."

"The Dance Effect is unique in the fact that it was created by a studio owner and dance mom to cater to the needs and wants of each party."


Midnight Drive Media is a full service video production company. We're committed to providing professional, creative and fun video production services.


You have ideas. And we have tools to make them happen.